Custom SDK: User Tags versus regular tags

I’m currently creating my own SDK integration due to some issues with the python we distribute being unable to use eval, preventing Named Tuples from working and in turn making urllib2 (the raven python client’s HTTP client) unusable.

Currently, when posting a new event to the API, I add certain system information via tags:

'tags': {
        'Total Physical Memory': '16GB',
        'CPU': 'i7...',

This is well and good, however, some SDKs (including raven python) can include a “user context”:

Unless I’m misreading the sdk docs’ “attributes” page, there doesn’t seem to be a specific key for user tags. Maybe this is supposed to be in the “extras” key, but that doesn’t seem to be clear based on the docs.

Thanks for any help.

Yeah, docs don’t make it clear about but yeah user:extra is what you are looking for.
There is no such thing as user:tags.

So you’ve got two types of data:

  • tags (key/values which get indexed as searchable + breakdowns)
  • context (arbitrary data)

For context there’s a number of places it can exist, but you might explore using the ‘contexts’ attribute:

(For type you can just use ‘default’ or omit it)