Customize User Feedback Form


I’m developing a spanish app and I need to show the user feedback form in spanish, and maybe change text/colors.

Can this be done?

Thank you!

Not at the moment, sorry. It’s pretty much fixed as-is.

@asmerkin Yes, it can be done thanks to the Raven window.sentryEmbedCallback hook. We use that in production.

withReportDialog = (customize, {once}={}) => {
  const next = window.sentryEmbedCallback
  window.sentryEmbedCallback = embed => {
    console.debug('raven feedback',, embed)
    if (once) window.sentryEmbedCallback = next
    if (next && typeof next === 'function') next(embed)

const putOnTop = ({element}={}) => {
  const style = element && element.getElementsByTagName('style')[0]
  if (style)
    style.innerHTML = style.innerHTML.replace(/z-index:\s*\d+;/, 'z-index: 999999999;')


I am using sentry/browser but would like to turn user feedback off. There is no documentation.
What can I do to turn it off?