Debbing user feedback

We’re using Sentry on-premise (21.3.0) and having issues with user feedback. In our Electron app, users can open the feedback dialog and send us feedback. While everything seems to work in the client (the HTTP request is answered with status code 200), we don’t see any entries in the “user feedback” section.

How do you debug this? Which component’s logs should I check? We’re using the Sentry Helm chart from GitHub - sentry-kubernetes/charts: Easily deploy Sentry on your Kubernetes Cluster and in general Sentry works fine, so issues come in from the client. The only thing that doesn’t work is the user feedback.

I don’t know if this is to be expected, but the response to the request sending the feedback return an empty JSON object {}.

I’ve seen a similar (or the same?) issue in Sentry’s SDK GitHub Issue tracker, but it was never resolved: I can't see the submitted user feedback in my project · Issue #1429 · getsentry/sentry-javascript · GitHub


We do not maintain the helm chart so you’d better file an issue with that repo. That said without any server or client network logs, it is very hard to diagnose the issue you are reporting.

Thank you for your answer. At the moment, it is unclear to me whether the issue is caused by the Helmchart or by some misconfiguration on my side.

The Kubernetes pods do generate logs, but there are more than a dozen components and I don’t know where to look.

That’s again, a question for the repo maintainers as I have no idea how your k8s setup is and my experience in k8s is not much either.

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