Delete old sentry-data volume or data

We’ve had on-premise Sentry deployed for a while, using the filesystem as the filestore.backend: "filesystem"

We started to get low on disk space, so switched the file store to S3.

Now we have this gigantic sentry-data volume that’s still taking loads of disk space that we don’t really need any more.

What’s the best way to clean that up? Can we just delete that volume? (Does Sentry still require that volume if S3 is the file store?) Should we exec into a container and rm -Rf all of the stored files? Other options?

Hi~ TravellingGuy-tbl
I am working on Sentry and would like to ask you if your problem has been solved and if you still need to use data volume to switch the filesystem backend to s3?

If you know the answer Thank you for your help!!