Discover on ALL projects?


Why can’t i discover on All projects?

I just want to see a summary of ALL of our alerts in the last 24hour period.


Hi there,

Are you trying to open in Discover from an Alert? I’m looking to understand what you mean by seeing a summary of alerts.


hey, I’m really trying to see ALL of the alerts for our entire organisation. For example, maybe an email was sent and didnt get acted upon. etc. We have LOADS of projects, and it’s unfeasible to work through them all individually looking for an unresolved alert!

I do see there’s something in the stats view, which sort of does this. but when you click through from the stats view to the project it takes you to the project settings, not the actual issue view, so it’s hard to use.

@codek we’re planning to bring alerts into the app.

What kinds of things do you alert on, and how many alerts do you receive per week? Many people have noisy alerts and we wanna make sure we’re building it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the UI.

Another thing we’re considering is an “acknowledge” action on alerts so you can dismiss them and always be able to see what’s new. Is that going to be useful?

What did you mean by “the stats view sort of does this”? (the stats view isn’t related to alerts)

ah ha! I am using the wrong terminology. I’m specificially looking to find all the issues that have been raised in the last few days! Without having to look at every single project. Does that make sense?

Maybe I’m not understanding the problem, but the Issues page allows you to do a cross-project search, so this should be straightforward.

No it doesn’t! That’s exactly the problem. you MUST have a project selected, and it only shows unresolved issues from that project.

So what am i missing? can you show me a screenshot of how exactly this page can allow multiple projects? Or maybe this is a regression no one noticed?

@codek I forwarded this internally and got the response that global views are not available for developer and team plans. Hope that helps.