Distribution and alerts for named spans within a transaction

Hi! I’m tracing transactions for mouse-drag interactions in the browser, where I am updating the view rapidly within the drag, and so:

  • I care a lot about the durations of individual update spans within the drag interaction (how snappy/smooth each update is)
  • I don’t care at all how long the whole drag takes (that’s not a performance metric, it’s just however long the user held the button down)
  • but I am capturing the whole drag as a single interaction, because (a) the spans relate to one another as part of the same UI interaction, and (b) joining them into a transaction cuts down on event cardinality and thus tracing overhead.

So, is there a way to get (and alert on) the distribution and Apdex of durations of spans of a given name, within a given transaction, rather than durations of the whole transaction?

(Or am I just abusing “transactions” here to serve as what I really want: batching of the finer-grained actual transactions I care about? If so, is transaction batching out of sentry-javascript anywhere in the roadmap?)