Django Management Command Error Tracking

Hi. Does raven-python patch the django management command to track expeptions in sentry?

I found this code on github - but not in the current master?

Thanks an all the best,

It looks like this was removed to support Django 1.10 with, but I’m not sure why off the top of my head.

Do you know @mitsuhiko?

we removed it because the sys.excepthook should capture these bits. It’s possible Django changed code and no longer bubbles it up, and thus we need to once again patch things.

Any plans to add this functionality back in? It was pretty handy. It acted as a poor man’s assurance that crons were running OK (if they were running at all).

I’d say its something we need to add back to support newer versions of Django, but I haven’t had time to look into it personally.

well what can we do to put this back into the project’s goals? This was a very handy feature.

I also miss this feature, to keep an eye on our cronjobs and other command usage (sometimes we invoke them from other scripts).

We can adapt the commands to manually log errors to sentry but that feels a bit kludgy :slight_smile:

@zeeg Is this now automatic in the latest versions of Django/Sentry or do I need to log errors manually in Django management commands? If it is automatic, what are the minimum version numbers required for each of Django and Sentry?