DNS behind nginx proxy (tunnel)

There is possibility to use tunnel instead of sentry DNS in Angular app with self-hosted sentry. Can someone help me to configure nginx proxy to forward error reports?

I have tried:
location /sentry/ {
set $backend “”;
proxy_pass $backend;
with no success.


What result are you expecting to see and what exactly are you seeing instead? Any nginx logs you can share?

I need to sentry receive an error of course. Sentry config:

dsn: “http://0178dc7c19dd419186b74936ceb96889@server-alias:9000/3”,
tunnel: “https://domain.com/sentry”, – here is proxy
No error logs, only pending requests from browser to proxy

Have you followed this guide: Troubleshooting for JavaScript | Sentry Documentation

It explicitly mentions that you need a middleware that is capable of parsing and amending the events:

This solution, however, requires an additional configuration on the server, as the events now need to be parsed and redirected to Sentry.

Not sure if you can do that with Nginx.

I have been working on a very simple web service which takes care of parsing and redirecting sentry events.
It is free software and available there.
There is also a docker image available if you are using a docker-based deployment stack.

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