Doesn't find uploaded source map file (with tilde ~)


I’ve set up Sentry to upload source map files with the tilde prefix.

The URL of the application looks like this:

The minified main.js file has the following sourceMappingURL:

I’ve uploaded the source map file with the following name:

But when opening an issue in Sentry, I get the following error:
HTTP returned 404 response on

What have I done wrong? Shouldn’t this work with tilde (~) ?

You need the full path so it should be ~/datasetname/appname/appmode/
The ~ only removes host and protocol.

Actually so if the 404 is on

then you need ~/datasetname/datasetname/appname/appmode/

Thanks for your reply.

We use the same source code in multiple applications and for multiple datasets, i.e. the dataset name varies, but the source code does not. I.e. we use the same source code (and artifacts) for these URLs:

We want the applications running in these URLs to report to the same Sentry project, and we want to upload source map files only once, as it’s the same for all. It’s not a possibility to create a Sentry project (or upload artifacts) for each data set name.

Do you have any suggested workaround for this? Why isn’t there a wildcard artifact matching? E.g.