Edit Alerting Rule

Hi all,
I have a very simple problem. I have created some alerts in the Sentry and forwarded them to my slack channels. Everything was fine till now.

Now I don’t want to be notified for some specific cases as I defined in the attached screenshot


As you can see I tried to filter some known cases.

But still getting notified by those exceptions. For example, I could not get rid of the below error message in the Slack.

Sentry APP [10:38 AM]
UnauthorizedException - net.lojika.tag.core.api.security.AuthorizerImpl in authorize
Token is null
TAGPROD-6 via tagProdExceptionSlackAlertingRuleToday at 10:38 AM

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this alert filters Should I use double quotes or something like that? I could not understand/find any information about the fields listed in the dropdown list.

What is an Event’s message, Event’s ExceptionTypei Event ExceptionValue etc? Which field should be used in my case?

Kind Regards

I found the solution…
Events was still forwarding & alerting bec.of the filter definition .
I have changed them to exception.value from message…
Now I can filter anything easily…
Thanks :slight_smile: