Electron and Javascript Integrations

Hello, I’m working on a Electron app that uses Vue and I’ve been using the solution from this topic in order to get everything to work seamlessly, however, upon upgrading the @sentry/electron package (v1.0.0), the proposed solution doesn’t work.

I have tried to use the Sentry Vue integration from the @sentry/integrations but it appears to not work at all, errors inside Vue components are not logged to Sentry (in contrast of errors thrown in the background process) .

import * as Sentry from '@sentry/electron';
import * as Integrations from '@sentry/integrations';
const SentryVueIntegration = Integrations.Vue;
// initalize Vue etc..

	dsn: 'https://123456@sentry.io/123456',
	integrations: [
		new SentryVueIntegration({
			attachProps: true,

So my question is, how would one go about integrating Vue and Electron with the latest version of Sentry?

Do you get any output when providing debug: true to Sentry.init call?

Is there a chance that you have some example electron+vue app laying around that I could use to debug this?

So after I looked into this some more, the correct way of doing the integration is indeed what I originally posted, my issue was the way I was testing if Sentry works: I was using an undefined function that would be executed when the component first loaded, this was not posted to Sentry, I then used an undefined function that would be called when a button was clicked, I was able to see the error on my Sentry Dashboard.

I’m still looking into why this is happening since I think it’s not the expected behavior; I will find some time to make an example repo and report back.


I’m not 200% sure but I think that updating to @sentry/electron version 1.2.0 did the trick.