Elevating priority of processing for specific projects

We’re currently running a single Sentry deployment that many services send exceptions to. Some of these service projects are higher priority (backend errors > frontend errors since when backend systems fail, the frontend systems likely also will and many exceptions will get sent to the processing pipeline), and we’d like to be able to force errors for those projects to be processed first. Is there any way to enforce the notion of priority for this?

Unfortunately, there’s not.

Thanks for the quick response! Another way around this might be to run multiple sentry deployments then and redirect high priority services to a specific one?

If you really want to do that, sure. There’s nothing that’d stop you. Though, the easier solution would be to just have more capacity in the single cluster to handle both. Then apply rate limiting or sampling for the projects that are lower priority so they ultimately send less data.

Cool! Thanks for pointing me to sampling! Hadn’t considered that ability.