Empty stacktrace and exceptions from unknown code base

Hi, I am using the Javascript SDK. I keep receiving many strange exceptions, all of them having empty stacktrace.

Here are some examples:

  1. ReferenceError: $skyuc_src is not defined
    at ? (/)
  2. ReferenceError: MacPlayer is not defined
    at ? (/)

But I don’t have any variable named $skyuc_src or MacPlayer in my code. And what does it mean if the stacktrace is empty? Is it caused by any browser plugin? Or is it caused by customized browsers by the phone vendor? Or does it mean the visitor is just a badly-written crawler?
Does anyone have the same issue as me?
Is it possible to get more info about the exceptions or even try/catch them?


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I got the same errors too
The errors are all from Chrome Mobile and Android
Could be some browser extension I guess?