Error Data Lacking

I’ve just started using Sentry on my Ionic app, however, I am finding that the errors reported are missing the key information that is available if I view the error directly in the console, making it very hard to locate the problem. Specifically, Sentry presents many errors in the vendor.js and polyfill.js scripts, both of which are pointless to me but doesn’t properly link to errors in the main app code. Instead, the stack trace just says and don’t link to any source code.

For example a side by side comparison of an error shown in the console and then in Sentry:

As you can see the key information (the html file name and line number) are lost in Sentry. And the same happens for the app .ts code too.

Any idea how I can make Sentry show the anonymous function code that is the problem?

Thanks for any help in advance!