EU/US Privacy shield

The data transfers to your US servers for EU citizens are now covered using the EU/US privacy shield.

In the European Parliament resolution on the adequacy of the protection afforded by the EU-US Privacy Shield (2018/2645(RSP)) I see this :

"34. Takes the view that the current Privacy Shield arrangement does not provide the adequate level of protection required by Union data protection law and the EU Charter as interpreted by the European Court of Justice;

  1. Considers that, unless the US is fully compliant by 1 September 2018, the Commission has failed to act in accordance with Article 45(5) GDPR; calls therefore on the Commission to suspend the Privacy Shield until the US authorities comply with its terms;"

Is there a way to sign on this transfert using a Standard Contractual Clauses.

I know Sentry is committed to my privacy. But that was not my concern. If the privacy shields fails, I have to redo and resign all DPA’s with my clients.

We dont sign contractual clauses, but we have full compliance with GDPR which afaik should supercede privacy shield. You can obtain a DPA per this:

Now that Privacy shield has been struck down, will Sentry offer standard contractual clauses?
Kinda urgent since a) theres no grace period b) we have governments as customers who are asking us these questions about Sentry as a subprocessor.