Event grouping ignores stack trace?

Hi, the event grouping mechanism is not working as expected for us. Events seemed to be grouped by name of the exception only, even when stack traces are provided, show up properly with the event and are clearly different.
It seems we have the opposite problem of many of the posts here.
Could this be an issue with the tier of service we signed up for?

Are you sure your event stacktrace is transmitted as structured JSON and not as a single string?

it’s not a single string but, I’m not sure at all the stack trace is properly formatted.
When I look at the json link of the Sentry page for an issue I do see a lot of ‘errors’ and ‘invalid_data’.
Can I send you a link to an issue so you can tell me?

Feel free to post an issue link here if it’s on sentry.io. Otherwise attach the JSON payload as downloaded from the UI

Here’s an example of an event which seems to have been grouped will any other that has a NullReferenceException.


By the way, I see that the project settings has a big red ‘Update Grouping Strategy’ button.
Could it be we never turned on grouping by stack trace?

I see, I think you want to go to https://sentry.io/settings/irisvr/projects/app-desktop-vr-viewer/ and update your grouping strategy. That would give you stacktrace grouping out of the box.

Great. And the stack trace looks ok as far as you can tell?

Yeah, that part seems fine to me!

Great, thanks so much for your quick replies