Exception.values.0.stacktrace.frames: Discarded invalid value

I’m using the iOS SDK (my project is in Swift).

For a bunch of crashes I’m getting, I have this error: exception.values.0.stacktrace.frames: Discarded invalid value. The crash then doesn’t give any stack trace for the error and minimal exception data. For instance this crash: https://sentry.io/share/issue/1c4ee75d69f746a0be335558f96a1f78/ just shows:

C++ Exception: CKException

Thread #9

This is pretty common for all of my crashes (not all of them though) which is making the SDK pretty useless. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Otherwise, I’ll have to move back to crashlytics or something else… :confused:

It looks like it could be related to:

But this is pretty old and I’m using the most recent version: 4.4.0.