Export the complete errors table in CVS in new query builder

After using the new discovery function in my Business account,
How can I import all the complete errors table in cvs. I’ve seen it’s limited to only the list of the screen !!! It’s quite not unusable !!!


Hi Lvd,

You’re correct - the current Export CSV functionality only supports downloading one page of results at a time. However, we are currently working on allowing exports of the entire dataset. This work is still in-progress, but should address your concerns.

For my understanding, what are you using the exported data for? I’d like to see how we might be able to meet your needs within Sentry.


I have the exact same need.

For a query I have created I can see the amount of occurrences based on the time stamp.
To see the amount of unique users that were affected I can select to count unique users instead but the graph still shows unique user per time stamp (which is not useful).

There is the option to select “total daily” and it will bucket up the total unique user counts per day (which is nice) but the same is not possible for custom buckets (let’s say weeks or months). It would be nice to be be able to define the range for bucketing.

If I had the complete CSV file myself I could do that but since it only exports the first page it is very cumbersome. Really frustrating =/

Any work around here?

@Loic and @C.Rodriguez, this export enhancement is complete and currently being rolled out. You should see this in Discover in the coming days as we onboard more organizations on. Apologies for the delay, but please let me know if you have any feedback!

We’re at 100% rollout now. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: