Feature request: Delete releases and artifacts from the dashboard

When testing bundles and releases, you sometimes have to delete a release or its artifacts and start over. We name releases with the HEAD SHA1 so we can’t release again if there’s no new commits.

Currently we delete the release/artifacts by curl-ing the API. A delete button would make life way easier.

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You’re able to delete individual artifacts from the UI. You can also just re-upload over top of existing ones and they’ll update.

There’s no way to delete a Release along with all of the artifacts though, and I’m not sure we’d want to expose the ability to do this from the UI since removing accidentally could be really problematic. Ideally though, as described above, you shouldn’t really need to do this regularly. You can just modify and amend to an existing release.

For frontend apps, we often append hashes for cache-busting to our file names. Therefore, over-writing doesn’t take place when you re-upload a release. Is there an action to remove all artifacts from a release?

nevermind…the CLI lets me do this which works for me!