Filter by IP Address Isn't Working?

I went to[company]/[project]/filters/data-filters/ and added their IP address, but I’m still seeing events coming in from them, and also getting notifications. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you certain that’s the Client IP? The filter only works on the address which is sending the data (not the address which is captured in the data).

For example, in Browser JS this is the actual end-user, as its a direct communication to Sentry.

This is primarily to prevent bad clients from spamming your Sentry project as the DSN is not a secret.

Ahh. Maybe that’s the issue. Side note - we got slammed by someone in another country trying to test our site for exploits, which kicked off a ton of Sentry errors, and I was trying to stop them from even logging at that point, before we could get their IP banned. It sounds like maybe the data filters aren’t meant for something like that - or maybe only worked on Raven/client-side.

Yeah maybe it’s something we should support, but today it’s really only intended for “where is the SDK running and reporting from”.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond/help.