Filter Project Events by Language

is there a way within a project in sentry, that you can filter the events by language?

I’ve looked under filter and there is nothing in there.

Our use case is that some of our apps, have sentry errors coming from Elixir and other from Javacript.
We need both, but often want to filter out the Javascript ones to focus on Elixir issues.

As Sentry knows the language already, is there an inbuilt feature for sentry to filter events by language?

My only other option is to tag events specifically with a language tag etc, but trying not to do this if something is already available

If you haven’t already got this - I just had the same question - and it turns out the “origin” filter is the language - at least for us (python / javascript).

Thanks for the reply.
I just added custom tag in the end.
I did go back and look but I cannot see ‘origin’ in our sentry, I’ll keep looking though.