Getting an error while integrating with LDAP

Trying to integrate with LDAP with on premise enterprise by following the link below steps,
getting an below error, attached screenshot for reference and unable to open login page getting an error 502 Bad Gateway


The Arrow mark indicates the 108 column and 109 column as suggested in the link i have configured in configuration.yml, all the details have entered, since its thronging an error

I request to Please check and let us know your suggestions.

Santhosh Kumar Kadathala

It clearly tells you that your config.yml file is malformed and invalid. That’s the reason for your errors probably.


Thanks for your response,

We configured according to the link as suggested in the link. Since we are getting errors, if possible could you please provide in detail, How to integrate with LDAP with sentry.

Santhosh Kumar Kadathala.

Any update, please.

Santhosh Kumar Kadathala

The error says that your config.yml is malformed. But according to the github link you should add it to

To configure Sentry to use this module, add sentry_ldap_auth.backend.SentryLdapBackend to your AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS in your , like this:

But this is only guess work from me based on the information you provided :slight_smile:

Hi Alexander,
Thanks for the response,
As suggested in the link added in , but sentry-ldap-auth Specific Options also requires where I can add these options, so I included these options in config.yml. so I’m getting an error(502 Bad Gateway) when restarting the sentry, unable to open the login page.

Note: Can you please suggest where can I add these options(sentry-LDAP-auth Specific Options). for your reference please find the attachment provided.

Santhosh Kumar Kadathala

I dont think you should add any of these to the yml file. Dont see any information that points to that.

Have you checked this one out: Authentication via gitlab or ldap ?

Edit: is quite clear on where to have those options.

Hi Alexander,
if possible can you please elaborate step by step process with LDAP Integration.

No I can not since I don’t have it on my end.
Read the two links in my previous post. They have examples on how the config should be.

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