Gitlab Commits not associating with Releases

We are using the senty CLI in our php build process to set releases, and associate commits from gitlab with our project.

These are the following commands being run in the order we are running them:

sentry-cli releases new -p mccurdy-auction-llc v2.0.20

sentry-cli releases set-commits --commit "McCurdy Auction LLC / www"@021d0650db94b35362271533268600000000000..d074aa644dfc17fb083d950425e000000000 v2.0.20

sentry-cli releases finalize v2.0.20

Here is a screen cap of our successfully installed Gitlab integration:

We have tried changing the repository name to ‘mccurdyauction/www’, which gives us the error: Repo not found

That repo name is the only version that runs successfully.

The releases are being properly associated with the project, but there are no associated commits in sentry.

We are currently on the basic plan.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are stuck on this.