Google Cloud Functions client setup

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Any specific configuration to apply to google cloud functions and especially firebase functions ( to be sure to catch all exceptions ?




@pvdyck – I’ve actually done a lot of experimentation with Google Cloud Functions this past week.

The bad news: it appears that Google Cloud Functions doesn’t let 3rd-party libraries hook into/modify the Node global error handler (process.on('uncaughtException')), which means raven-node (right now) can’t catch uncaught exceptions.

You can, however, send errors manually using try/catch and Raven.capture[Message|Exception].

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Any idea how to code a generic catcher for promises and asynch errors ?

Does anyone knows more news about sentry integration with google cloud functions? It should be amazing have a global error handler throwing errors to sentry!!


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I suggest you create a GitHub issue for the specific language you’re interested in using. I think that should help us prioritize.

Created a Github issue :slight_smile: