Monitoring Serverless Functions

Hey folks-

We launched new integrations on AWS Lambda and GCP Cloud Functions across Python and Node to provide automated error monitoring. I will love to get feedback on these latest integrations.

  • Automated AWS Lambda - Node support: No longer need to call captureException to report errors to Sentry. Sentry automatically captures error events. In addition, we report function specific context including link to CloudWatch logs.

  • Automated GCP Cloud Functions - Python support: No need to decorate your cloud function handlers with Sentry. We will capture all error events as long as Sentry is initialized before the handler. The integration reports function specific context including link to Stackdriver logs.

  • Updated AWS Lambda - Python support: No need to change your existing automated Sentry instrumentation. We now support all Python versions on Lambda and report additional metrics including function execution time.

  • All the integrations now report function timeout warnings

  • All other Sentry’s serverless integrations stay as they are including GCP-Node, Azure- Python and Azure-Node.

Appreciate any feedback as we work to further improve our Serverless integrations.

If you’re more comfortable given feedback privately, feel free to drop us an email: sentry-for-serverless at