Handled Errors v Unhandled Errors

I have an Ionic/Angular app hooked up to Sentry and 99% of the errors being logged are marked as handled. I assume these are errors that are handled by the app - and the user does not see a problem at the time they occur. Is this correct?

Do most Sentry users filter out the handled errors and just log the unhandled ones? (And if so what is the best way of doing this?)

Are you using sentry-cordova?
We’ve released today a preview (1.0.0-rc.1).

Could you give this a try?
Capacitor is still being worked on.

Yes, we are using sentry-cordova. Our app does use Capacitor though. Does this have any relevance to the question about handled and unhandled errors?

@bruno-garcia we are on 0.17 right now - will upgrading this to 1.0.0-rc.1 improve anything for us?

Upgrading will, the previous version was built on old version of the native SDK. And it does use the handled=false flag

Great thank you @bruno-garcia Are there any breaking changes or do we just install it?

Hey @richardkshergold, there aren’t be any breaking changes. You should just be able to install it with no problem.

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Bruno, when you say the new version does use the handled=false flag, do you mean that the “handled” errors that I see in Sentry will no longer be logged?

Everything logs the same but Sentry will show an icon pointing out the error is unhandled if that’s the case.
Like this: