How to add a new menu to sentry web

sentry version 20.8.0

i want to add a new menu to sentry web, and show some log detail or chart, how to do it?

if i must clone the original code and modify the sentry web, then rebuild a new image.

Yup you’d need to fork the code and build everything yourself which I strongly recommend against.

What exactly are you after?

for example, i record some logs with sentry.captureEvent method , and data in event extra, then i will use extra data to generate a report and show it on page.

another way, i query these sentry data ,then i use these data to show on page.

I’d go with this path and would not try to maintain a Sentry fork only for this. If you really want to place a link for your reports page inside the Sentry UI, you may try injecting a script to the page with a browser plugin or Nginx.

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