How to deploy Sentry in Kubernetes?

Hi guys , I’m kindly asking how to deploy Sentry in Kubernetes ?
I saw the guide on , but it was something like 'docker run --link ’ which is not using in Kubernetes . I had already deploy Postgresql and Redis and wanted to know what to do next .
Thank you for the help .

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Have you looked into using the Helm package for Sentry?

I had tried helm for sentry , but it created additional postgresql and redis even I set "–set postgresql.enabled=false,redis.enabled=false " and other values like postgresqlhost etc , or use “helm install -f sentry-values.yaml” . I need to use the exist database .

It’s solved . “helm –set xxxx” in Windows is not working .


Hi ninchen
i need to intall in k8s, but no from helm.

my problem is connect my redis database (aws rds)