How to disable Kafka logs in on premise sentry

Hi All,
Can you please help in disabling kafka logs from sentry setup in on premise kafka setup using docker setup.
The primary reason I am interested in disabling kafka logs is because of the huge amount of logs it is generating and consuming entire disk space on my small machine on azure.
My entire 60 gb space is utilized in 3 days MAX.

Even after running
docker-compose run web sentry cleanup --days=1
I am only able to free up some space.

same problem here

I’ve reduced the logging level for Kafka and Zookeeper quite a lot in I agree that in the default config they just log an obnoxious amount of things.

If you are not already on this version, simply pulling the repo to this version should fix the issue (or just manually apply my referenced patch onto your docker-compose.yaml file. If this is not enough, I’d like to learn more about why and how to fix it :slight_smile: In the mean time you should be able to combine that PR and to reduce it even more.