How to display nice release names?

I’ve configured Raven(Python,Django) using the instructions, including passing the result of raven.fetch_git_sha to Sentry as the release parameter:

Now my releases show up on events, but I can’t figure out how to use the create a release webhook to make it show the tag name instead of the git SHA. I use it and can make new releases appear on the release list, but should the SHA be given as “version” or as “ref”? Where is “url” used in the Sentry web interface? I’ve tried every combination and just got confused.

Right now we only show the version in the UI. We’re working on some tools that will greatly improve the visibility of releaeses, such as capturing commit metadata so we can show changelogs and other general information.

Regarding sha vs ref, ref would e.g. be master and version would be the sha. The url (and ref for that matter) I believe are not yet used in the UI.

Would be great to at least show the ref and url on the UI since at present they’re basically useless unless you’re using the API.

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Yep, it would be great to expose more metadata about the release on the Sentry release page - show the url, a human-readable title, etc.