How to exclude (blacklist) a url to prevent populating breadcrumbs with XHR items?

In my project we are using Mouseflow and many other 3rd party scripts that send ajax calls. Is there any way to exclude ajax responses (XHR) in Sentry for specific urls?

Right now every report is a mess because contains a lot of useless information about 3rd party ajax calls.

Thanks in advance!


Having the same issue. Breadcrumbs are full of unnecessary stuff

I have looked around for a way to do this, and it’s not so easy…

For the current raven-js code, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Set autoBreadcrumbs.xhr = false
  2. Implement your own version of the XHR request interceptor. The current version is here.

Alternatively, if you have some kind of central place where you are handling AJAX requests that you are doing yourself, just turn off auto breadcrumbs as above an manually add breadcrumb creation to your AJAX requests.