How to get all the data from the traceback

Hello, I am trying to capture all the data from a traceback

This is how I configure the client:

sc = Client(dsn, string_max_length=4000, list_max_length=500)

but when I try creating a local variable of say 100 elements, it always truncates them, is there any configuration I have to do on the server side?

I am supecting this is from the client side, but I could be wrong

Just did a tcpdump on it, and the client seems to be behaving fine, all the data is there, the server might be chopping it out, any ideas where this could be set?

Just posted this response to your Google Group submission, but going to repost it here for anyone who comes across this question in the future:

In addition to the client side trimming (which you already noted), there are a few different server side maximum lengths, defined here:

The bulk of the trimming is handled within the normalize function of the event manager, if you want to dig in further to identify what’s happening in your specific scenario:

One thing worth noting is that the trim function will track the size of the entire data structure, so variations in the size of the individual members may cause different results in the case of a sequence or mapping type.