How to submit exception to Sentry so that I can find it in issues?

I followed readme to configure Sentry.
After configuring I created a test that reports an exception. The test passed, but I do not see the exception in Sentry’s list of issues.

What can be wrong?


import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
import 'package:sentry/sentry.dart';

class ReporterModule {
  final SentryClient _sentry;
  final bool outputToConsole;

  ReporterModule(String sentryDsn, {this.outputToConsole = true})
      : _sentry = sentryDsn == null ? null : SentryClient(dsn: sentryDsn);

  void reportError(FlutterErrorDetails details) {
    try {
        exception: details.exception,
        stackTrace: details.stack,
      print('Reported exception to sentry.');
    } catch (e) {
      print('Sending report to failed: $e');
    } finally {
      if (outputToConsole) FlutterError.dumpErrorToConsole(details);


  test('Error reporting completes.', () {
    var reporter = ReporterModule(prodConfig.sentryDsn, outputToConsole: false);
        exception: "test exception", stack: StackTrace.current));

Test output:

Reported exception to sentry.