How to use source map with local enviroment?

hi there,

i’m using sentry with react native, and i’m trying to show error detail throgh source map in my local enviroment.
however, it went wrong and this is wrong detail.

Cannot fetch resource due to restricted IP address on http://localhost:8081/index.ios.bundle?platform=ios&dev=true&minify=false

i’ve upload source file like doucment saying, but it didn’t work out.
that made me confused, could you guys help me resolve it ?
thx a lot !


Hi same here, i am new to Sentry, i am currently building my website to present my web developer activity. And for once, don’t want to wait to implement error tracking.
Long story short, i use webpack to upload my source map (best way to do it as mentioned in the documentation)
new SentryWebpackPlugin({
include: ‘.’,
ignore: [‘node_modules’, ‘webpack.config.js’],
urlPrefix: ‘~/’
but got the same error as mentioned above :frowning:
Any solution for that ? I saw people talking about using cli, but the webpack solution is recomended in the documentation…
Thank you guys