Ignore healthchecks url


Our Kubernetes ingress controller makes healthchecks about 30 times per minute which quickly goes to thousands in a few days.

What is the recommended way to ignore them? Is there a way to ignore transactions in a URL such as /healthchecks?


I think I resolved it and I figured I’d post here my solution:

function createSentry(app) {
    environment: process.env.NODE_ENV,
    dsn: config.sentryDsn,
    integrations: [
      new Sentry.Integrations.Http({ tracing: true }),
      new Tracing.Integrations.Express({ app }),
    tracesSampler: (samplingContext) => {
      if (samplingContext?.transactionContext?.name === 'GET /healthcheck') {
        return false
      return true
  return Sentry