[iOS] Getting current memory usage of app

When reviewing the Contexts Interface doc, I noticed that there is no context type for the current memory usage of the app. There is usable_memory (which seems to give us the usable memory for the app, not for the device), but nothing else to dictate the current memory when the event is sent in. I’m curious if there is a plan to include this in the future or if this is already in but I’m not seeing it. Thanks!


You are right, usable_memory ends up as Free Memory in the UI and it’s how much RAM was available in the device (good to know if the device was close to running OOM).

But I agree that the app memory usage is a valuable information, and this is something that makes sense to go into the SDK. I raised an issue for it
Report App Memory Usage · Issue #999 · getsentry/sentry-cocoa (github.com)

Thank you!