Is Sentry v10 coming soon?



It’s been 4 months and more than 1000 commits to the master since v9. Does anyone know if Sentry V10 is coming soon?

We are very much interested in fixing a few issues that are caused by some bugs that have been fixed since v9.

We install Sentry via Docker, and hope you can cut a new version and release a new image.



Technically: yes

From a “tagged versions” perspective, we’re figuring out a solution. You can absolutely use master and it’s always considered stable (with the condition that you also must be able to upgrade to the next version of master to ensure stability), but we are also exploring what some more reasonable low-cost process would be to continue to tag versions.

“Sentry 10” is coming soon, whether we call it that or not, but open source users probably won’t be as excited as it’ll require running our new Snuba service (which is an API layer on top of Clickhouse). We’ll talk more about this in the future, but the tl;dr is its going to unfortunately be a lot harder to run yourselves because of the nature of the datastore changes.


Thanks for the heads up.

One quick follow-up question, has the Snuba feature landed in master yet? Meaning if we try to install master now, do we need to figure out how to set up Snuba ourselves?

(There doesn’t seem to have anything about Snuba on yet.)

Thanks again.


Its in master (sort of) but definitely not required yet. It’s likely not going to be required until we formally version a bunch of things, but that might be the official 10.0 release.