Is the dashboard a live?

first time using the service
i got everything working, but the error don’t show up immediatly
i tested it and i have to reload the page to see the errors
do i miss something?

note: the (play, pause) button in the project page in ON
also adding tooltips for these buttons would be very helpful

The dashboard polls every minute when the play button is active.

i don’t know what is the dashboard polls
i am talking about the project issues page
i produce errors intentionally in my app, and they don’t show up in the page until i hit refresh
and the play button is active, and i leave it for a long time

i don’t know if this is related
i noticed that my ad blocker is blocking some requests
but after turning it off, it still don’t work, i have to refresh

this is before turning off the ad blocker

after turning it off
only this request is failed
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (FORBIDDEN)

it is working on my laptop
i will try to know what exactly caused the problem and report it here