Is there a C/C++ SDK/library (libsentry), e.g. built on libcurl?

Curious if someone has looked into that already :slight_smile:

@torarne – Unfortunately there is not an official client, but there are some unofficial clients floating around (some of which appear out of date). A little more on this here.

Do you mean for the web API or for event submission?

For event submission. Something with a similar architecture to breakpad, e.g

  • A handler library for catching errors/exceptions, Using KSCrash on apple OSes, breakpads’s handler library on other platforms (?)
  • A sender library for sending the error reports to Sentry, using libcurl e.g., or native network primitives if more convenient (less deps). Can be built into the app under test, for submitting on next restart, or as a separate crash reporter app that gets spawned by the handler library on exceptions to submit the report immediately.

There is sentry-swift which works for iOS but also works if you use C/C++ otherwise. We don’t have anything for other platforms running native code yet.