Issue in flutter project with stackframe display limit set to 250

Hi! We’re using sentry’s hosted service with a dart/flutter project. Our stack traces frequently hit ~270 frames for errors occurring in one of the build functions. The limit for the installation appears to be set to 250 via SENTRY_STACKTRACE_FRAMES_HARD_LIMIT, which omits the 20 most important frames in our specific case.

Do you have recommendations on the best way to remedy this issue? For our particular case just dropping the bottom most frames instead of the topmost would already solve the issue, but that will definitely vary depending on which frameworks a project uses.

Hi tom,

I would rather find a way to filter out unnecessary stackframes in the SDK itself. I can’t tell you how that would look in the SDK you’re using.


Alright, thanks for your answer! I’ll report it to the flutter sentry SDK then and refer back to your reply.