Issue with adding context in Sentry WPF

Hey Sentry,

I’m working on a WPF written plugin and with Sentry version 3.6.0

I would like to add structured context to an event.
After seeing the example from the documentation here, I tried testing by doing practically the same with:

SentrySdk.ConfigureScope(scope =>
                scope.Contexts["test"] = new { Test = "test" };

However, this results in Sentry not showing events on the dashboard.
I also tried adding context on the event in BeforeSendFilter handler, but the same thing happened.

Setting extra on event, though, works.
Assigning some non-object-formatted value, like
scope.Contexts["test"] = "test"
logs the event, however reports the problem with value, which is expected.

Can you tell me if there is something I’m doing wrong and how should I go about adding context for the event?

Are there any news on this?