Issues are not shown in Sentry 9.0.0 with Flask

Hi everyone!

I’ve have been integrating my Flask API in Sentry 9.0.0 following the tutorial. In my file I’ve add the following:

        SENTRY_CONFIG = {
        'dsn': '',
        'dsn_public': '',
        'environment': SERVER_ENV,
        'release': RELEASE,
        'auto_log_stacks': True,


and in my app,py file I’ve added the following:


When a exception is produced arrives to the Sentry but it’s not shown in the traceback list. I have done two screenshots in order to you can see it.

Sentry receives the exception but it isn’t showed. I’ve been searching information by internet but I don’t know if the problem is in my app or in the Sentry version.

Can anyone help me with this?


The second screenshot is:

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Hello Juan,

Which tutorial have you been following? Your code mixes both initialization code from the sentry_sdk package and the raven package, so it’s unclear to me.

I’ve followed the flask tutorial of Sentry Page but this tutorial doesn’t work for me so I watched the code of other project and I did it. The exception arrives to Sentry but these are not showed.
This is the tutorial:


Okay, the problem now is that you have two versions of our SDKs installed. Please run pip uninstall raven, delete all the sentry related setup code and follow to set it up.

I’ve followed the tutorial and removed all about Sentry before to do it and I have the same problem. The exception arrives to Sentry but I can’t see it. It’s strage because when I create a project I have the choice to watch a example exception but I can’t watch it either. I don’t know what I have to do.


Can you paste a link here? I can take a look. Or is this your self-hosted version of Sentry?

Sorry, what do you mean? What link do you want?

Ah sorry, if you’re on you could post a link to the issue in the Sentry UI (the ZeroDivisionError) so I can debug it. On self-hosted Sentry it’s trickier. Maybe you find something in the dev console?

Sorry, I can’t give you the link because we have intalled Sentry in our server. I’ve tried to do it but the link can’t open in a external device so do you know why I can’t watch the event? Can I do some more?

Finally I could fix it :muscle: @untitaker

Cheking the log I watched the following error:

postgres_1   | ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint`
postgres_1   | DETAIL:  Key (project_id, environment_id)=(1, 1) already exists.
postgres_1   | STATEMENT:  INSERT INTO "sentry_environmentproject" ("project_id",`
"environment_id", "is_hidden") VALUES (1, 1, NULL) RETURNING
postgres_1   | ERROR:  relation "nodestore_node" does not exist at character 8
postgres_1   | STATEMENT:  UPDATE "nodestore_node" SET "timestamp" = '2019-04-09
13:02:43.001727+00:00', "data" =

I though about deleting the project and creating it again and doing this I can see the issue on Sentry. In spite of Sentry works fine now I have the same first error which I have shown you before:

postgres_1   | ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint 
postgres_1   | DETAIL:  Key (project_id, environment_id)=(6, 2) already exists.
postgres_1   | STATEMENT:  INSERT INTO "sentry_environmentproject" ("project_id", 
"environment_id", "is_hidden") VALUES (6, 2, NULL) RETURNING 

I send the error in the case that you want watch if there is any bug on the Sentry Code.

Thanks a lot for everything!!

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