Issues not showing up


I configured Sentry under the enakamichi account for a Node app a few months ago and have yet to receive a code exception show up on the Issues tab, so I need help troubleshooting.

This site runs on Heroku and when I go to, I get an “Internal Server Error”, which shows up in the Heroku logs, but does not show up under Sentry.

Any suggestions for improving the configuration would be appreciated.


Hello All, I am using .NET framework 4.5.2. Using SharpRaven to capture the exceptions on Sentry . But it is not working after deploying it on IIS 8 . working fine in debug mode and on IIS 7 on windows 2008 server. Not sure what is missing on IIS 8 ? Can someone help me on this?

@senad004 seems to be totally unrelated to the original post. Please create a new post describing your problem.

Hi I have created a new issue . Please check

Just following up here… Does anyone have a suggestion for getting Sentry to capture exceptions instead of Heroku? Thanks.

Which SDK are you using? @sentry/node ? I’m not sure we have enough info to help you here.

Does your server have access to the Internet in order to send the event? When you run the app in your local development environment, can you create a failure to test it out?

Have you taken a look at our NodeJS docs?

I suggest you try to send an event from a small console app just to test things out. Once you get that working, it’ll help you setup your production app.

@bruno-garcia - Thanks so much for the prompt reply.

I was using raven, but am now trying to get @sentry/node to work as per your suggestion. I used npm to install the package and can see it show up properly in my package.json.

I followed the configuration steps of requiring @sentry/node and running Sentry.init with my custom dsn and have wrapped the code in a try/catch block as well.

When I go to a non-existent route, such as http://localhost:4002/test4, Express shows an error in the browser, but doesn’t show up under my Sentry account’s control panel.

The only way I’ve gotten it to report an exception is by manually calling with: Sentry.captureMessage(‘Something went wrong’);

That’s a step in the right direction, but it would be unwieldy to add those in many places in the app, so I was hoping for a more global exception handling approach.

Any further suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

The SDK doesn’t consider a 404 an error. Maybe the user typed up a non existent URL?

If you would like to receive an event in Sentry for a 404, I’d suggest creating a middleware to do so.

Many unhandled errors like uncaught promises and others will be reported by the SDK automatically though.

Thanks for the suggestion!