Issues not showing up



I configured Sentry under the enakamichi account for a Node app a few months ago and have yet to receive a code exception show up on the Issues tab, so I need help troubleshooting.

This site runs on Heroku and when I go to, I get an “Internal Server Error”, which shows up in the Heroku logs, but does not show up under Sentry.

Any suggestions for improving the configuration would be appreciated.



Hello All, I am using .NET framework 4.5.2. Using SharpRaven to capture the exceptions on Sentry . But it is not working after deploying it on IIS 8 . working fine in debug mode and on IIS 7 on windows 2008 server. Not sure what is missing on IIS 8 ? Can someone help me on this?


@senad004 seems to be totally unrelated to the original post. Please create a new post describing your problem.


Hi I have created a new issue . Please check


Just following up here… Does anyone have a suggestion for getting Sentry to capture exceptions instead of Heroku? Thanks.