Local Installation Issues


I’m new to sentry - I want to try the onpremise installation but followed the seteps as per this documentation but getting the error attached.

Please assist or point me in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance.

That simply says the server is not available at this address. Instead of using sentry:9000 as the host, I’d try localhost:9000 first.


Thanks for the reply.

Well, the server is hosted on a virtual machine on the network that is why it’s called senrty, if I do the localhsot - ssh tunnel it still fails, itdid work before but it stopped now.

Please see the attachment.


@jtvdw - posting screenshots of Chrome does nothing towards helping anyone diagnose the issue :smiley:

This looks like a networking issue on your end then. Make sure your VM has port 9000 exposed (or mapped properly) and you can ping your VM from where you are trying.


Sure, it’s understandable. Port is open, I can telnet to the port from a different source. No firewall running on the VM and and port is open.

Think I will start the whole process over again, is there maybe a step by step guide somewhere on the forum I can follow.


This is the “official” way we support it: https://github.com/getsentry/onpremise

For your specific case, even if you can telnet to the port, what are you getting back? Maybe it is set up with UWSGI so your browser trying to talk HTTP is not working? Or maybe HTTPS? If you can provide more details about your setup, we may be able to help.

What is your target platform (linux distro)?

We are using Docker so there is no target distro. Inside the Docker images we are using python:2.7.16-slim-stretch as you can see from the code which is based on Debian (https://github.com/docker-library/python/blob/00dfb8462f6b3fca152d46b20c0d3b70e8c7ff5b/2.7/stretch/slim/Dockerfile#L7)

If you want to do a manual, non-Docker install, we have some docs here that assume Ubuntu: https://docs.sentry.io/server/installation/python/ – Although these docs work, the support for them is not very active and we are leaning towards a Docker-only world for the official support (of course Sentry will still work be deployable without Docker).