Log events and other info

i am trying to integrate sentry into my cordova app and using setry cordova plugin.
Sentry is capturing unhandled exceptions but if i want to log something like user clicked a button or a message if user performed a particular, it shows it as an error in dashboard rather than a user journey. I have tried using sentry.captureMessage, sentry.captureEvent, sentry.addbreadcrumb
Is Sentry not built for that and i should be looking for some other product? Or am i doing something that i shouldnt be?
Thanks in advance

Hey, this should work if not it’s a bug.

Can you link to the issues in your Sentry account so I can take a look what’s causing this error?

How does you code look like?


Hi @HazAT
I have deleted the organisation. But can we track the user journery using Sentry? For example, i want to track on new app install user behaviour until he has successfully signed up and logged in. and send those custom messages\events for that user.

Or Sentry can only be used to track errors and exceptions?

No, while Sentry was not built for that you could do that.
With that I mean that the experience using different tools might be better (currently) for your use case you described but you are able to add custom breadcrumbs and capture custom messages.

We are currently developing something that makes the “session tracking” story better in Sentry.

Okay. Thanks. but that may not solve what i am trying to acheive completely. Do you know any known issues if i use it with tools like appsee?