Make theHTTP-Cookie not visible in Sentry

Hi guys,

My problem is, that i use Sentry to Track Errors on Plone. Every time i get an Error
from Plone in the ADDITIONAL DATA there is the HTTP-Cookie with the logged in Cookie
Is there any possibility to make make the HTTP-Cookie not visible or disble them ?

many greetings

That cookie is not https-only?

There should be configuration within the SDK for this. Depending on which one you’re using there’s ways to hook the event payloads to change request data. Additionally the native ‘Cookie’ header we automatically strip in a lot of cases.

Hi jhermann, Hi zeeg ,
thank you for you answer. I will look into the SDK (i use Python) to look for the right configuration. Here is an image to clarify what i want to remove or make not visible.

Zeeg do you know which file i should configure.I use the Python SDK. Sorry for maybe silly questions but im new to Sentry and i want to learn more.