Making Source Maps Available to Sentry via Windows

I am a windows user and we do not wish to make our source maps available to the public so my route is to upload the source maps. Let me just say the support for doing this on windows appears to be VERY challenging.

I don’t understand why the process can not be handled via a web based upload interface.

I have attempted to use the instructions to do this via cURL and this is very challenging as well. Getting cURL for windows is a confusing process unless you wish to build the source. Once I have a valid curl.exe the command line instructions do not work.

Can someone please outline repeatable steps that a windows user can follow to upload a source map?

Thank you

Does sentry-cli not work for you? We distribute Windows builds. In theory, this would be easiest. I don’t think many of us are familiar with trying to use curl on Windows. Generally this process is automated in a deployment script, which is why we don’t surface the ability to do this in a web ui since that wouldn’t make much sense, so we provide instructions and tools do it it.

Also, it’s worth noting that we fully document the API endpoints for this:

So it’s relatively trivial to write a python script or whatever to communicate with the API. curl is just trivial since it happens to be available almost everywhere.

Hi Matt,
Thank you so much for your quick response. I did read and review and found \that the documentation suggests that the sentry cli is only available for mac and linux. eg.

Also for some reason I could not find the api reference and I did look.

Both of your answers are VERY helpful.


Sorry for that. We will fix that.