Microsoft Edge 14 crossorigin attribute issue woes

We have most of our application JS on a separate domain from the HTML and use crossorigin=anonymous to ensure we can get error messages and stack traces sent through Raven. However, recently(ish) we noticed that some specific versions of Microsoft edge 14 would fail with really awkward errors.

After some serious debugging, we filed where Microsoft confirms that there is a case where Edge 14 will not execute scripts with a crossorigin attribute (even though the browser doesn’t even support that attribute!).

Has anyone else run into this issue? We don’t really have too many options to deal with it. Things I can think of are:

  • Move all of our JS to the same domain as the HTML fetched (a big/difficult deal at our scale with 100s of separately deployed applications)
  • Remove the crossorigin attribute from our script tags, which will pretty much make Sentry useless (since nearly all errors reported would only be Script error with no stack trace)
  • Wait and hope MS comes out with a fix quickly (and tell our Edge users to switch browsers and clear their cache frequently)

So yeah, not great options. And particularly hard for us to justify lots of effort with Edge 14 traffic less than 1% of our traffic :disappointed:

fwiw cross origin is much less of a problem with raven in recent versions. We monkey patch lots of stuff to capture information without relying on window.onerror, which is the only piece of the stack that would be affected by this.

So in practice, this shouldn’t particularly matter. window.onerror reports are generally not as high quality as our wrapping anyways.