Migrate Sentry 9 Issues / Events to Sentry 10 w/Snuba

Hi there,

Playing around with sentry v10 and noticed that when I pg_dump my v9 db and run sentry upgrade it restores everything except for my issues and events. I presume this is because of the changes requiring Snuba. Is there a way to migrate my v9db events and issues into v10’s Snuba system?

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We dont yet provide any tooling for this. You’d have to run them back through the entire processing pipeline which is quite complex.

Thanks for your response. I was able run ‘sentry django backfill_eventstream --from-id xxx --to-id yyy’ which populated the data into clickhouse. I’ll make a suggestion in github to extend the sentry tsdb command to include this backfilling command because it’s pretty buried. Issues showing up and everything is working now! :slight_smile:


I think I have a similar issue. Do you remember how you determined the XXX and YYY values and on which container you performed this operation ?