Mobile Release Health

Here’s a sneak peak of health metrics for mobile applications, a new feature so that you can
get more information about the impact of bugs and crashes to the user experience from one release to the next.
For each release of of your mobile apps, you’ll be able to see statistics on the users sessions that went well, adoption metrics and a details view of issues with that release.

Here is approximately what it will look like:

On the releases list view you’ll be able to compare multiple releases:

And you can diver deeper in to the history of any particular release:

We’re eager for your feedback:

  • What metrics do you use today to measure health of your application?
  • What metrics would you like to see in the Sentry?

Let us know and stay tuned. Sentry Release Health is coming first for Mobile releases, but feel free to reach out about other SDKs as well.

If you would like to join our Alpha release shoot us an email to


I do have a question, how is it going to count the user,
like user id 1 with ip 1 and user id 1 with ip 2 are going to count as a single user?

Other than that, can’t wait to see that in produciton.

By default we will use UUID that is generated with each installation of the mobile application.
But it is possible to set the ID also manually in the code using the API.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a guide to enable release health? Currently for our Releases section we can see the statistics labels but the data does not get filled. On the mobile apps when starting the SDK we set the parameter “enableAutoSessionTracking”: true, is this enough? What can we be missing?

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Are you using the latest version of the SDKs?
What SDK are you using? Is that for React-Native? It was added a couple of weeks ago so please upgrade if needed.

We are using Cocoa SDK v 5.1.3 and Android SDK 2.1.6. It turns out the problem with our On-Premise server version. We’ll update the server and hopefully the issue will resolve. Thanks.